These measures will be repaired repeatedly in hiccups in minutes

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These measures will be repaired repeatedly in hiccups in minutes

Due to hiccups and remedies

Usually, many people get hiccups, but occasionally hiccups trouble them. Some people, once hiccups, do not even take the name of their recovery. Due to the shrinking of the stomach and stomach, the lungs start to accelerate the air and it becomes difficult to breathe, due to which the hiccups begin. After some hot food, some cold drinks also start to come hiccup.

What is hiccup

A muscle called diaphragm separates the heart and lungs from the stomach, which also has an important role in respiration. In this, due to contraction or contraction, the place for air in the lungs is formed. When the contraction of the diaphragm muscle starts to occur repeatedly, then the hesitation starts to occur.

Due to hiccups

1. Eat more than enough

2. Spicy food

3. Food in haste.

4. Drinking Alcohol-Aromatic Drinks

5. To smoke

6. Stress, nervousness, exasperation

7. Sudden change in air temperature

How to get relief from a hiccup

Although the hiccup is okay after some time you do not stop hiccup for a long time, you should do something immediately. You can take some home remedies for a long period of hiccups for a long time. Let us know home remedies for hiccups.

Cold water

Drink 1 glass of cold water immediately after hiccup. If the hesitation does not stop further, then keep the ice cubes in the mouth and suck slowly.


Sucking a piece of cinnamon in the mouth and even after sucking for some time hiccups and closes.


Garlic or onion

It will also relieve you from smelling a garlic or onion piece. In addition to preventing hiccup, you can smell carrot juice too.

 Black pepper

To stop the hiccup, make a powder of black pepper and eat it with honey. This will stop your hesitations immediately.


If you are constantly hiccup, then put sugar under your tongue. In addition to preventing hiccup, you eat 1 teaspoon of chocolate powder. By doing this the hiccup will stop immediately.


Lemon is the most effective remedy to prevent hiccups coming from alcohol, drunk drinks or smoking. Cut the lemon 1/4 piece and chewing it in the mouth will also cure the hiccup.



Mixing 6 grams of honey, 20 grams of lemon juice and black pepper and licking will also stop the hesitation.

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